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About Us

The Golden Angel Network began in October 2002 in the College of Business Administration at Marquette University. The Golden Angel Network was established to provide early-stage companies access to capital and to the resources that were available throughout the entire university.

Several investments have been made to date and we continue to look for outstanding opportunities for investments. Some of the key criteria that we look for are:

  • Revenues significantly increase throughout a 3-7 year horizon

  • Company will occupy a leading position in a growing market

  • Located in the Midwest

  • A sound exit strategy

  • A valuation that fits within a predetermined risk/reward calculation for the investment

Besides providing financial capital the Golden Angels provides human capital as well. The Network can help your company by working with you to refine your business plan, to fill out the management team, to develop financing strategies, or to make key contacts for strategic partnerships.

The Golden Angels are not a Venture Capital fund, we do not invest as a group. While members collaborate on screening potential investment opportunities and due diligence, each member makes an individual investment decision. Although a single member of the group normally serves on the Board of Directors of your company, the resources of the entire group are available to you.

The Mission

The mission of the group is:
  • Create a forum for members to contact each other for networking purposes, and to foster the development of new business opportunities.

  • Provide the mentoring and networking assistance for students and friends that is essential for building successful new businesses.

  • Provide opportunities for members to learn from each other.

  • Connect people with new and unusual network sources, thereby providing an expanded range of opportunities.

  • Maintain consistency with the Jesuit mission of Marquette University.

Entrepreneur in Residence

Tim Keane is the current Entrepreneur in Residence at Marquette University, in the graduate school of business, where he teaches graduate courses in new business formation and business growth strategies. He is the director of the Marquette Golden Angels Network.

He was the founder and CEO of NuEdge Systems, LLC, a marketing automation software and consulting services company. Tim founded this business in 1989, having started its predecessor at Communiqué Direct Marketing in 1984. He sold it in 2002.

Since 1989, he had led the company through a venture round, a joint venture with a public newspaper company (Lee Enterprises), and its sale.

Prior to NuEdge, he was the founder of a variety of small businesses, and worked for General Electric Medical Systems from 1977 to 1984 in the marketing communications group. He is an active Angel investor and business advisor, and a director of First Business Bank.

He is chairman of the board of Local Initiatives Support Corporation and of the Entrepreneurship Task Force of the Initiative for A Competitive Milwaukee, a member of the board of Taliesin Preservation, Inc., a part of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Recently, he was named to the Governor’s Economic Growth Council in Wisconsin.

He is married and has three children, Megan, Michael and Molly.

He holds degrees from Marquette and Seattle Universities.


Since the inception of the Golden Angels Network, we have funded three companies;
  • USAV, Inc

  • Photo-OPP, Inc

  • EMSystems
Besides the funding of these companies the members of been involved with founding or managing many companies, such as;

Point One
Northern Management LLC
W.S. Darley & Co.
Chirch Global, LLC
Virtual Edge
Parson Consulting, LLC
Alternative Resources Corporation
Carroll Hyland Saint Publishing
First Business Bank
Centaur Forge, LLC
Hull Trading Company
Retail Target Marketing Systems

Contact Us

For more information, please contact:

Tim Keane, Golden Angels Network Director
Marquette University College of Business Administration
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
Telephone: (414) 288-5722
Fax: (262) 364-2311


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